Law Firm Reviews & Testimonials Scott Magliochetti

For over thirty years, attorney Scott Magliochetti, Esq. has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of both clients and colleagues. Here are some law firm reviews Scott received throughout the years.

Professional, pragmatic, and knowledgeable in many aspects of business law, contracts, employment law & regulations, and various other business matters. Provides sound and practical strategic advice in legal, commercial, and business affairs. Responds promptly to inquiries, matters, etc. His rates are very reasonable. Very honest and personable. I highly recommend Scott to handle your business & legal matters.

Anthony G.

Scott Magliochetti is very knowledgeable in law as it applies to the staffing industry. In the years that we have worked together, he has proven to be a valuable partner and integral part of the success of my staffing agency. He makes himself available in a timely manner which is key, as well as, he is patient and professional. I cannot speak more highly of his services and capabilities.

Jessica O., Staffing Agency Owner

Scott is an exceptional lawyer. Not just because he understands the law but because of his ability to apply it specifically to my business. Unfortunately this has not always been the case when having to venture out into other jurisdictions with other firms. I’ve known and used Scott for over 10 years and do not hesitate to recommend him.

Jon B.

I’ve been a client of Scott Magliochetti for over 10 years. It is very rare to have this kind of hard working and dedicated attorney. I can honestly say he is one of the most knowledgeable and responsible professionals that I’ve ever had a pleasure working with.


Scott has been amazing asset, deftly steering me through a complicated business purchase five years ago and being a staunch ally ever since. He is knowledgeable, sensible and friendly. Highly recommended.

Jon L.

This firm is extremely professional, experts in their field, extremely fair, kind and understanding, I would highly recommend them.

Michael B.

He responds quickly to questions regarding contracts with clients and candidates and always gives detailed answers regarding his views on legal documents. Scott understands the importance of getting contracts in place ASAP when working with new clients and is always willing to help in this process.

Peter D.

In the time that I’ve known Scott I’ve always found him to be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Scott makes himself readily available and can always be counted upon for his sound judgement. He has been extremely valuable to our entire management team.

Robert A.

I have known Scott for quite a few years and can recommend him both professionally and personally. As General Counsel he has always given honest, intelligent, professional and well thought out advice and services. Personally, there are few people I can think of who are as trustworthy, engaging and enjoyable to spend time with. Though we were introduced in a professional capacity, I now consider Scott a trusted friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott very highly.

Ed S.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott for many years now and he’s always been able to make short work of any situation that I’ve presented to him. I highly recommend Scott.

Greg K.

Scott possesses all the qualities you hope to find in an attorney; smart, resourceful, responsive, efficient and fair. Scott is a great advocate for his clients, he has been an important part of the success of my business for over 20 years.

Mark G.