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Mergers & Acquisitions are an important strategy for buying entities and investors to expand existing operations and/or enter new operating sectors. On the selling side, business sales and divestitures permit operating entities to exit sectors no longer deemed desirable, monetize an operation and/or pass along the business via succession planning. Both buying and selling a business can be a complex transaction best navigated with the aid of an experienced attorney such as Scott Magliochetti, Esq.

On the buying side, there are numerous considerations that have to be taken into account, such as (i) why is the seller selling, (ii) what assets does the seller really own, outright and otherwise, (iii) how can any liens be released, (iv) how can the investment be protected via seller restrictive covenants, (v) what liabilities are to be taken on or avoided, (vi) regulatory hurdles, (vii) what condition is the business really in and (viii) what remedies and protections exist if the business is not as represented?

Like buyers, sellers have a host of issues that must be addressed, such as (i) valuation of the business, (ii) sale and due diligence preparation, (iii) payment forms, (iv) assurance of being paid, (v) post-closing liability protection, (vi) post-closing restrictions, (vii) employee protection and transfers and (viii) potential seller financing.

Scott has been amazing asset, deftly steering me through a complicated business purchase [and has been] a staunch ally ever since. He is knowledgeable, sensible and friendly. Highly recommended.
Jon L.

In most instances the parties’ considerations are addressed through an orderly process whereby the seller is vetted via a due diligence process, the main deal terms are negotiated via a term sheet (vs costly drafting) and the transaction is memorialized through one or more agreements. Customary agreements include Asset Purchase Agreement, Promissory Note, Security Agreement, Assignment and Assumption Agreements, Escrow Agreement, Guarantee and Indemnification Agreement, Restrictive Covenant (Non-compete) Agreement, Employment Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Transition Services Agreement, Lease Assignment or Real Estate Purchase Agreement and Credit Facilities.

Scott Magliochetti, Esq. has a long history of supporting his clients in furthering their growth, or transferring their business, via mergers and acquisitions. Each deal is different, so it is important to work with an experienced attorney who knows what each transaction calls for so that the legal work is not less than warranted or overboard.

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