Outside General Counsel Services NJ Scott Magliochetti

Are you a growing business that does not have an internal legal department, 
but has a constant demand for legal assistance and guidance?

Are you a CEO, CFO or other executive playing the tenuous role of in-house counsel, 
taking time away from managing and growing your business?

Do you utilize a potpourri of counsel for employment, contract, corporate and other matters,
driving up your legal expenses and consuming your time?

If you answer yes to any of the above, attorney Scott Magliochetti, Esq. can provide you with the same sound legal advice that you would get from your own in-house counsel, in an efficient manner, without the associated fixed payroll costs and overhead expenses.

Strengthen your team in a cost efficient way.

Does your business have its own in-house legal staff or HR department that occasionally requires attorney augmentation to meet its workload? If so, Scott Magliochetti can help fill that void on an as need basis in a cost efficient manner.

As outside general counsel, Scott works closely with his clients to gain an understanding of their business operations, goals and objectives. With such knowledge, Scott serves as a key business advisor providing focused, result oriented and cost-effective legal services for both ongoing / routine and “one off” legal matters.

I have known Scott for quite a few years and can recommend him both professionally and personally. As General Counsel he has always given honest, intelligent, professional and well thought out advice and services. Personally, there are few people I can think of who are as trustworthy, engaging and enjoyable to spend time with. Though we were introduced in a professional capacity, I now consider Scott a trusted friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott very highly.

Ed S.

In addition to corporate & business law and human resources services, as outside general counsel, Scott Magliochetti acts as his clients’ liaison with specialty counsel, such as insurance defense attorneys. In such capacity, Scott assists in identifying and retaining the right outside counsel, manage their activities, and review their invoices.

Outside general counsel services that fit your needs.

With over thirty years of business law experience, including multiple general counsel engagements, Scott Magliochetti has acquired the skills and invaluable perspective necessary to help you achieve your business goals. Scott knows the real world legal needs of business people – decisive and concise advice delivered in a quick and efficient manner. The general counsel services are typically delivered at substantially lower costs than traditional law firms by avoiding big law firm overhead and eliminating redundancy billing often associated with large firms.

Ready to strengthen your bench?

Don’t fall short of meeting the demands on your team. Contact an experienced outside general counsel who can help supplement your team. Send Scott an email or call us today at (908) 281-7624.