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Staffing companies have unique legal needs – those stemming from distinct personnel matters (augmented by high turn-overs), ever changing employment laws applicable to contractors / freelancers, restrictive covenants in a competitive overlapping industy and contractual commitments to clients for workplace activities. As companies turn to staffing companies on an increased basis to satisfy their personnel, payroll and benefits needs the laws, rules and regulations governing the staffing industry become more complex and burdensome every day.

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Scott Magliochetti, Esq. has over twenty years of experience in the staffing industry, including in-house counsel and several outside general counsel roles. With this experience, Scott has the ability to recognize and address the human resources, contractual and regulatory legal hurdles staffing companies face on a daily basis. He advises his staffing clients on all aspects of their business operations in a timely and efficient manner that meets the demands of their quick paced industry.

Scott Magliochetti is very knowledgeable in law as it applies to the staffing industry. In the years that we have worked together, he has proven to be a valuable partner and integral part of the success of my staffing agency. He makes himself available in a timely manner which is key, as well as, he is patient and professional. I cannot speak more highly of his services and capabilities.
Jessica O., Staffing Agency Owner

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Whether advising on a particular matter or serving as outside general counsel, Scott Magliochetti can assist staffing agencies in tackling their legal obstacles and furthering their business objectives. Send Scott an email or call us today at (908) 281-7624.