Nearly all employers are covered under the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”).  Under the NLRA, most private-sector employees are extended the right to organize and bargain with their employer collectively.  The law is administered and enforced principally by the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”).
On August 30, 2011, a rule was published in the Federal Register requiring employers covered under the NLRA to post a notice in the workplace explaining employees’ rights under the NLRA.   In general, the notice informs employees of their unionizing rights, provides examples of unlawful union and employer conduct, and instructs employees to contact the NLRB with questions and complaints.
The NLRB rule requires that the notice be posted by November 14, 2011.  Copies of the notice will be available on the NLRB’s website by October 1st.  In addition to the physical posting, the rule requires every covered employer to post the notice on an internet or intranet site if personnel rules and policies are customarily posted there.   Translated versions must be posted where at least 20% of the workforce is not proficient in English.
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